Improv Sweater Knit-along

Our winter knit-along begins this Friday, February 8. Here’s some basic information about how this knit-along works!
The basics – we are knitting a top-down, seamless sweater with raglan sleeves. It’s not a class – you will need to know how to knit, purl, increase, decrease, and knit on circular needles (and maybe some other skills). There will be guidance available on Fridays during sit-n-knit if it’s needed, but you don’t need to attend if you’re just knitting along and know what you’re doing (but you can bring your sweater to knit along on Fridays and there will be other people doing it, and it will be fun!). There will be a bit of a schedule just to make sure everyone does, in fact, knit along! We will use the shop’s Facebook community/group to post progress notes and photos and other information. There’s no signing up, no cost, and it’s really up to you to knit along.

The first step – choose your yarn and needles. You can use whatever you want, but my suggestion would be for a worsted or dk/sport yarn. On Friday I’ll give some starter directions – but basically the first week will be spent taking measurements, swatching, and figuring out your sweater math, and casting on. How do you know how much yarn to buy? Good question. SWATCH! You will use your swatch measurements and desired finished chest size to determine how much yarn, and there is some guesstimating involved. You can try to use an app such as Stashbot for this also.

I’ll make an outline for Friday so everyone knows what the progression will look like. It shouldn’t take more than 4-6 weeks to make this sweater, and that’s for people like me who don’t have enough time to knit! There doesn’t even really need to be a schedule, but there will be some check in dates.

That’s it! Come on over to the Facebook group to let us know you’re participating. If you haven’t joined the group, you’ll have to be approved, but we do try to stay on top of that and make sure it happens quickly. Here’s a link to the group.

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