Knit-along Information and Updates

Improv sweater knit-along target dates

  • February 8 Knit-along kick off
  • February 8-15 Choose yarn and needles. Knit swatch and block it. Use measurements from swatch to determine target stitch counts. Cast on and mark raglans, begin knitting neck.
  • February 15-March 1 Do raglan and neck increases and knit yoke, separate sleeves and body.
  • March 1-March 15 Knit body of sweater
  • March 15-29 Knit sleeves
  • March 29-April 5 Finish sweater. Bring it to Sit n knit on Friday evening to show off your finished product!

Improv Tutorial: To do my first Improv, I used a tutorial from Fringe Association. You can click on the links to get help for each step in the process.

Intro: Materials and Basic Outline
Part 1: Casting on, Marking Raglans
Part 2: Raglans and Neck Shaping
Part 3: Finishing Neck and Yoke
Part 4: Separating Sleeves and Body
Part 5: Sweater Shaping