Double-knitting Workshops with Alasdair Post-Quinn

We are so excited to be able to offer two workshops with Alasdair Post-Quinn, via Zoom, on September 19-20.  On Saturday, Alasdair will present his Introduction to Double-Knitting from 1-4 pm, and on Sunday (same time) he will present a more advanced technique to introduce you to Multi-color Double Knitting.  Each workshop will be 3 hours (likely with a short break in the middle).  You can register for one or both workshops. There is a small discount if you register for both.  If you have never done any double-knitting, you can take the introduction on Saturday and still be able to participate in the second workshop a day later.

Please click here to register for the workshops, and see below for class requirements and preparation. Alasdair has experience providing virtual workshops and your experience will be very similar to an in-person class. The obvious difference is that he will not be able to walk around and touch your knitting, but he will still be able to answer questions and demonstrate techniques effectively. You will need to be able to have a basic understanding of navigating Zoom, but we are hoping to provide a link to video instructions if you are not confident using it. We will also be recording the workshops and will provide a link to the recordings so that you will be able to go back and review the material presented. These recordings will be available only to registered participants and will be available for a limited, but reasonable, amount of time after the conclusion of the workshop.

Introduction to Double-Knitting

Double-knitting is a unique method of making a fabric with no "wrong" side and a built-in reversible colorwork pattern. Significantly different from the standard intarsia and Fair Isle colorwork that are so well known, double-knitting is a labor-intensive but wholly worthwhile technique to have in your repertoire. In this introductory workshop, you'll learn my 2-color cast-on for double-knitting, get comfortable with the techniques involved, then move into colorwork. At the end of the workshop, you should have a motif swatch and be confident that you can tackle a larger standard double-knitting pattern.

Requirements: 2 solid colors (one light, one darker) of plain yarn in the DK to worsted weight range and a pair of straight or circular needles in the proper size. This is an advanced technique, but you need only be comfortable with the long-tail cast-on and basic knit and purl; previous experience with colorwork is also helpful but not necessary.

Homework: Please at least watch (and ideally try) the cast-on at so that we can get past this step as quickly as possible in the workshop.


Multi-color Double Knitting

Objective: To take your existing knowledge of double-knitting techniques and push its limits by adding more colors.

Description: Bored with only two colors in your double-knitting? Add a third – or a fourth! With more than two colors per row in double-knitting, the rules change a bit – learn how to choose a color rotation and maintain it throughout a three-color pattern. In this workshop, you’ll get to play with three-color single-pattern as well as two-pattern double-knitting – and open new doors to design possibilities that were previously impossible (or at least improbable). You’ll also learn how to integrate the third color into a foolproof double-knit selvedge, and a bind-off that mirrors the cast-on.

Requirements: 3 solid colors (one light, one darker, and one accent color) of plain yarn in the DK to worsted weight range and a pair of straight or circular needles in the proper size. You should be comfortable with modern (two colors at once) double-knitting from recent experience. The homework below will help to refresh you if you are rusty. You should also be comfortable following knitting charts.

Homework: Before arriving, please download the homework page at and follow the instructions


About Alasdair: Alasdair is a computer technician in the Boston area who spends much of his spare time as a knitting designer, focusing specifically on double-knitting, a technique that creates a fabric with no wrong side. Until recently, a typical double-knit fabric was either tubular or reversible with the opposite side showing a mirror-image design in opposite colors. Over the past few years, people here and there have been pushing the boundaries of double-knitting to include more complex color and structure variations.

While he cannot claim to be the only one pushing these boundaries, Alasdair is among those on the forefront of innovation in double-knitting. His books, entitled Extreme Double-Knitting and Double or Nothing, document his repertoire of esoteric double-knitting techniques (as well as being guides for beginning double-knitters). He is continuing to develop techniques and apply them to new designs.

Alasdair has been teaching double-knitting around North America since 2005, and he adds new techniques to his workshops regularly so that even experienced double-knitters or veterans of his previous workshops will have something new to learn. He also has a Craftsy class that covers some of the contents of his workshops but there’s often no substitute for face-to-face learning.

Visit his website and blog for more info. Follow Fallingblox Designs on Facebook or join his mailing list to keep up with new developments.





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