Tapestry Weaving with Mallory Zondag
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Tapestry Weaving with Mallory Zondag

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Feb 19, 12-4:30pm

Learn the hands on art of tapestry weaving and create a textured colorful tapestry for your home! Using a frame loom and a variety of materials such as silk, wool roving and yarn, you will learn how to warp a frame loom, how to weave and how to create patterns and textures using multiple techniques. Tapestry weaving can be a meditative and free form style of weaving that lends itself towards creativity and stress free creation, no experience required!

Cost includes all materials. Pre-registration is required. You will also have the option to purchase a 9"x12" handmade loom, along with a tapestry needle and weaving comb, for $40 from Mallory at the end of the workshop.