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Noro Infinity Cowl – Sundance/Shamrock

Make this beautiful infinity cowl with one skein of Kureyon Air and one skein of Silk Garden Sock Solo. $40 kit plus $8 shipping.


Noro Infinity Cowl – Wisteria/Indigo

Make this beautiful infinity cowl with one skein of Kureyon Air and one skein of Silk Garden Sock Solo. $40 kit plus $8 shipping.



Yellowstone Beanie

Inspired by the beautiful Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park, this colorful beanie is worked in the round from the bottom up. The carefully chosen shades represent the spectacular colors of the spring from the grey/white earth of its surroundings to the deep blue in the center, while the fair isle motif itself is a nod to the cold Wyoming winters. An optional wispy white pom pom represents the steam rising from the hot spring. Whether you choose the traditional colors of the magnificent spring itself or another combination of favorite colors, this fair isle pattern knits up fairly quickly and is easy enough for beginners. $27.50 plus $8 shipping


Great Smoky Mountains Beanie

An up-close visit to the Great Smoky Mountains reveals a rugged and beautiful landscape of thundering waterfalls, clear streams, lush forests, abundant wildlife, and giant boulders. But . . . when viewed from a distance, this ancient range of tree covered mountains extending to the horizon is a study in subtle texture and gradient hues enveloped in a constant fog that visually softens the landscape. This beanie is worked from the bottom up using a variety of textured stitch patterns separated by narrow bands of stockinette stitch. $27.50 plus $8 shipping.


Grand Canyon Beanie

Inspired by the geologic wonder and beauty of the most famous canyon in the world, this beanie takes its cue from the many layers and textures of the canyon walls which change color as the sun moves across the sky. Using simple combinations of knits and purls, this fun-to-knit hat is worked in the round from the bottom up. $20.00 plus $8 shipping.


Olympic Beanie

The ferns, mosses, and lichens of the Hoh Rain Forest cover nearly every surface creating a landscape of vibrant greens from the forest floor to the tops of the trees and every rock, branch, or tree trunk along the way. This fun-to-knit pattern (worked in the round from the bottom up) creates an organic landscape of stitches that seem to meander their way from the ribbing to the top of the beanie. Kit contains two skeins of Noro Silk Garden. $35 plus $8 shipping.


Death Valley Beanie

At first glance, the saltwater flats of Badwater Basin (282 feet below sea level) look like miles of flat nothingness. But, venture off the beaten path a while and you’ll find a surreal and almost otherworldly landscape of salt crystals pushing through the crust to form chaotic and beautiful patterns. Knit in the round from the bottom up, this beanie uses single-stitch traveling cables along with strategically placed increases and decreases to recreate the “triple junctions” that naturally occur as the salt crystals expand. The purposeful asymmetry of the formations gives this hat an organic look and feel. $20 plus $8 shipping.


Pillow Covers

These fun, vibrant pillows are sure to brighten up any room. Comes with two colors of Schoppel’s Reggae Ombre. $25.00 plus $8 shipping